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We know our clients and the complexities of their industries, where they’re going and what they need to get there.

A clinical approach to IT recruitment for the healthcare sector

Finding the right people to develop digital platforms for the healthcare sector necessitates being more than just an IT recruitment agency. For over 10 years our healthcare and specialist health-informatics clients have entrusted us to deliver talent who understand the nuances of the sector first and foremost, and are passionate about MedTech innovation that supports NHS service objectives.

Through partnering with both international vendors and niche organizations, Informatiq has witnessed a renaissance in activity in healthcare technology, with care shifting into first priority and end goals growing more defined. MedTech must be attentive to the priorities of patient care, and the lessons learned from NPfIT help point the way. We understand the need for protected IT systems that uphold clinical standards, and we know who can create and implement them.

Informatiq recruitment consultants work with candidates who understand the importance of engaging end users, addressing privacy concerns, careful implementation and thorough training. They analyze diagnostic datasets to improve public health and preventative medicines. They know and work with EPR systems, social care software, radiology information systems, patient-access technology, billing and insurance software – tools that bring efficiency and accessibility to healthcare.

These individuals are building the systems that will help save lives, so we take care in finding the best people for the job.

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