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A recruiter’s mnemonic

In common with all organizations which operate across the technology space, we can’t resist the odd acronym. Our current favourite is KARD – partly because we made it up ourselves, but really because it embodies both our ethos and methodology. Not so much a mission statement, rather our raison d’etre.



Knowledge is critical for an effective recruitment process – the exchange of information, leveraged by the insight of the consultant, tempered by experience is surely the most important differentiator between success and failure.


Advocacy speaks for itself! Accurately representing each party to the other, gathering facts and getting them out in the open and making the differentiation case maintains a healthy balance in the recruitment process. It helps maintain mutual respect and propagates reciprocated effort from both sides, ensuring engagement, smooth on-boarding and successful integration of new employees.


Relevance is our reality check – we are proud of our knowledge and confident of our abilities but we don’t do your job, neither will we work with the new recruit day in day out, so we endeavour to engage fully without over-egging our role.


Delivery. Once upon a time, when CV distribution was even less accurate than today, delivery was our USP. Today it is a metaphor for our client-centricity. We don’t try to deal with every potential client in the world, instead we try to focus on those who genuinely benefit from our help – scouring the market for the best candidate for the job, regardless how challenging the remit might be.

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