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"Through well-established networking and referral systems we identify and capture exceptional candidates who give our clients competitive advantage."

The UK FinTech sector generated £6.6bn in revenue and attracted £524m in investment in 2015, according to an independent report by EY (UK FinTech: On the cutting edge). To say innovation in this sector is disrupting the world of finance holds some weight – these numbers are hard to ignore. FinTech’s exponential growth in a low growth world has captured the attention of ambitious techies and financial entrepreneurs who are working to break the confines of big banks and mega-corporations by providing simple solutions focused on the customer.

Our digital lives make it possible, as well as advances in cheap storage and computing, more robust data analytics and unbundled business models. FinTech disruptors bring speed, convenience and clarity to Personal Finance, Banking and Payments, Crowdfunding and Lending, Insurance, Trading and Investment Management. The only potential roadblock lies in finding the trailblazers to create, drive and implement these financial systems. EY’s report states that concerns about technical talent shortages are most pronounced in the UK, NY and Australia – meaning the unicorns, rising players and established FinTech companies are in a hiring race.

Often a career in FinTech offers technology and ideas rather than deep pockets, which presents a challenge to start-ups competing with large corporations. But challenges are where we excel. We know how and where to find the technical talent ambitious enough to throw themselves into building an alternative finance start-up, but with a head level enough to lead confidently in their early days.

For our low latency trading, asset management and payments clients who’ve successfully dropped the “start-up” identifier, decades of experience in IT, Finance and Consulting recruitment guarantees we’re well placed to sought-after candidates for our clients in a competitive marketplace. Through well-established networking and referral systems we can cover the ground quickly, ensuring we are perfectly positioned to identify and capture exceptional candidates who give our clients competitive advantage.

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